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RealLi: Analysis of the Lithium-ion Battery in the Power Tools Industry

Tenpower’s major customers in the power tool industry includes Bosch, Stanley Black & Decker, Techtronics Industries etc. Power tools, due to its adverse working conditions, have high requirements for its battery cells, especially in criteria such as thermal tolerance, vibration adaptation and fast charging. Power tool battery cells have proven to be a great challenge for most battery cell manufacturer. Tenpower’s experience and know-how in the power tool battery manufacturing can be easily translated into future success in EV markets.

Tenpower muscles into the 30A high power cylindrical market and competes with Japan and South Korea companies

Tenpower has achieved a major breakthrough in its high rate 30A products, its 18650 series 1.5/2.0Ah-30A products have made a significant increase in product lifecycle and solved the problem of thermal ramping, the pulse discharge achieving over 100A current. This breakthrough stands to testify Tenpower’s position as a front runner in the global power tool market.