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We strive to empower more people to enjoy the benefits of the latest lithium-ion battery technology.


Founded in 2006, Tenpower is a leading cylindrical lithium-ion battery cell developer and manufacturer.

Our beginnings in the lithium-ion battery manufacturing business were humble, but after 16 years of dedication, we have gained a deep understanding of the zen of battery manufacturing, and accumulated tremendous amounts of know-how.

We've invested heavily in basic material research and electrochemical technologies, complemented with our state-of-the-art equipment and rigorous quality control process to guarantee the consistency and safety of our products.

We've consistently improved our products to provide affordable batteries with the best reliability and performance for the world, empower more people to enjoy the benefits of the latest lithium-ion battery technology.

Through open collaboration with ecosystem partners, we've created lasting value for our business partners. At Tenpower, our innovation is driven by customer needs and exploration of new possibilities. Over the years we've established strategic relationships with hundreds of satisfied customers in the application fields of power tools, micro-mobility, smart appliances and internet of things.


Total project investment over 10 billions Chinese Yuan.


2nd largest market share in power tools li-ion battery cell in the world, #1 in China Market (*TSR research 2021)


Revenue compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over 50% 2011-2021.


Total capacity 800 Mn cylindrical LIBs per annum by 4Q 2021


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We at Tenpower understands that business success is not only measured in economic metrics, but also our environmental and social impact.

Tenpower is committed to preserve the environment and play our part in the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas and promote sustainable development. Locally Tenpower is dedicated to foster organic growth and improve the quality-of-life for our community stakeholders.



Tenpower’s company strategy is to specialize in cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells. Our specialization strategy enables us to consistently optimize our operation efficiency, quality management and allows us to deliver more reliable products and better cost-effectiveness for our customers.

After 16 years of ceaseless pursuit of optimization and technological advancement, Tenpower is now the leader of the cylindrical lithium-ion battery cell market in China.



Tenpower has a solid track record of industrial excellence. Over the last 16 years, we've supplied and collaborated with some of the world's most prestigious tech companies, and through in-depth tailoring and seamless collaboration, Tenpower has empowered them to build products of the future at affordable prices.

Today, the community of companies opting for Tenpower continues to grow, and we’ve sold more than 1.5 billion units of lithium-ion battery cells worldwide since 2006.



Tenpower has a comprehensive product portfolio covering all cylindrical lithium-ion battery-powered applications from high-power to high-capacity cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells.

Tenpower’s 18650 cell currently leads the global high-power and middle-power markets, and our new super high-power 21700 cell with 45A continuous discharge current, launched in 4Q19, is Tenpower’s latest industrial magnum opus as it combines the perfect balance between capacity and power.



Years of experience in power tools, smart appliances, micro-mobility and dozens of other lithium-ion battery-powered applications enable us to provide fast project introduction processes with the optimal cell model selection, rigorous power solution to avoid hidden quality costs for our customers.

We believe in values that can substantially improve our customer’s operating efficiency and financial results.





  • Founded in Suzhou, China.
  • The earliest adapter of the utilization of NCM material on cylindrical lithium-ion battery cell production in China.
  • Strategic reorientation and reorganization by the new management team, initiated global expansion scheme.
  • Tenpower receives an accolade from the Harvard Business Review for its Amoeba Management System.
  • Pioneered the mass production of high-power 2.0Ah cylindrical lithium-ion battery cell in China, leading the high-power cylindrical lithium-ion battery cell market.
  • Plant 1 upgraded to one of the earliest 130 PPM lines in the country.
  • Plant 2 launched with three next-generation 200 PPM lines.
  • Cemented strategic partnerships with multiple top-tier MNCs.
  • One of the first company in China to set up a stable supply of high-density NCA cylindrical lithium-ion battery cell.
  • Entrance into the micro-mobility market with strategic partnerships with leading Japanese and German MNCs.
  • One of the first lithium-ion manufacturer in China to launch high-power 21700.
  • Tenpower's listed parent company was renamed to Azure; Plant 2 has started Phase 2 project.
  • Investment CNY 5 Bn to build Plant 3 factory in Huai'an city.

Plant 1

6 Buildings
14.4% Greenspace
Size of the plant site 33,400m2
22,700m2 Total construction area
Annually production capacity 110 million cylindrical cells
Employees ~600
Start of production 2014

Gangfeng Road/Nangang Road
Emerging Industrial Park, Jinfeng
Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, China

Plant 2

8 Buildings
16.3% Greenspace
Size of the plant site 55,944m2
74,880m2 Total construction area
Annually production capacity 550 million cells
Employees ~450
Start of production 2017

6 Xinfeng East Road
Economic Development Zone
Zhangjiagang Jiangsu, China

Plant 3

13 buildings
13% Greenspace
Size of the plant site 85,000 m2
184,200 m2 total construction area
Yearly production capacity 1 billion cells
Employees ~ 1,500
Start of production Q4 2022

2 Chaoyang Road
Industrial Park, Qingjiangpu District
Huai'an Jiangsu, China



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