We are committed to creating a workplace where our people can thrive personally and professionally. We encourage open conversation between employees and management, recognize and reward employees who create value for the customers.

Personal Development

We have conducted strategic workforce planning and deep capability mapping to forecast where the changes will be most significant on an annual basis.

Here at Tenpower, we utilize the Employee Professional Development and Training (EPDT) program, designed and implemented by our training specialist and it is a performance indicator of our Human Resources Department.

Most notably, we have sought out the expertise of our in-house instructors and external consultants in designing a series of sophisticated courses on Lithium-ion Battery Failure Analysis, DOE of Cross-working Factors of Design and Processes, Lithium-ion Battery Applicability in Different Application Scenarios etc. to our employees.

For the benefit of our employees, we offer both online and offline courses related to all aspects of our operation including but not limited to: leadership coaching, management skills, quality assurance tools, business English and Japanese, and data analytics training to cultivate our employees into industry experts.

Health & Safety

We Care About
The Health and Safety of Our People

We seek to advance health and safety awareness across all aspects of our business. A safe and healthy workplace is a shared responsibility of every person and also a business imperative. We take serious responsibility in maintaining a productive workplace by minimizing the risk of accidents, injury and hazardous exposure.


Surveillance is an important activity in the practice of occupational health. We have established an Occupational Health Surveillance and Response (OHSR) team headed by our CEO, and regularly assess our EHS status and identify possible risk sources by our mandatory OHSR meeting on a monthly basis.

Culture of Safety

Keeping in mind that “All accidents are preventable”, we implement preemptive risk management to prevent accidents in advance. We strive to create a culture of safety by organizing regular compulsory safety education sessions so that employees can be aware and implement it on a daily basis.

Systematic Measures

Systematic efforts such as facility pre-inspections and the horizontal implementation of accident recurrence prevention measures have been put in place to minimize our risk exposure. To instil the importance of our safety culture, we have established safety metrics as a critical performance indicator for our managers.

Third-party Recognitions

Since the very beginning, we've rigorously adhered to the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001), which forms the very heart of our safety culture.

Benefits & Perks


We have robust policies, frameworks and processes in place to ensure our compensation package is the most competitive in the industry. It consists of competitive pay, stock options, bonuses, and benefit programs.

& Perks

  • Health Insurance
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Occupational Disease Examinations
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Counselling Room
  • Heat Allowance
  • Paid Parental leave
  • Vacation & Paid Time Off
  • Housing Fund
  • Pension
  • Regular Health Checkup
  • Lactation Room
Diversity & Inclusion

A diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace culture are attractive to potential employees and provide us with an edge when competing for talent and in retaining talented people.

Gender Diversity

Tenpower supports and showcases the advancement of women to senior leadership positions and promotes gender diversity in the boardroom. Tenpower is proud to present that in 2019, women account for 42% of senior management.


Our value of Inclusiveness reflects our firm belief that an inclusive culture embraces the diversity of our people, enabling them to feel valued and devote all their energy and efforts to their work. We seek diverse views, enriching our thinking to drive greater performance.

Our Employee Committee is dedicated to give voice to all of our employees in the decision-making process. Everyone is free to participate and express their concerns, ideas are exchanged freely.



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