At Tenpower, we set high standards for our people at all levels and strive to meet these standards consistently.

We at Tenpower are proud of our impeccable reputation and craftsmen tradition, we revere the value of client confidence and faultless integrity. We firmly adhere to the principles of fairness, honesty, and ethics in all of our business dealings.


We understand our role and responsibility in the global effort for a greener and better future. We ask and work with our supply-chain partner and stakeholders to consider the environmental and human rights impact of their businesses and require all partners to adhere to the corresponding international standards.

Compliance Statement

Read our official statement on responsible mineral supply chain management (RMI), as well as our risk management policy and policies in detail.

Read our RMI Compliance Statement (PDF)

Whistleblower Program

Learn about how we handle the responsible mineral supply chain management (RMI) whistleblower process and our informant protection procedures.

Read our RMI Appeal Procedure (PDF)

Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) 2020 Due Diligence Report

In our current report, you can learn about our efforts in conducting responsible mineral supply chain management (RMI), including our internal control system and training, as well as our CAHRAs identification and assessments.

View the 2020 Supply Chain Due Diligence Report (PDF)

Code of

The core of the ethics and compliance program at Tenpower is our Code of Conduct. The Code requires honesty and integrity in all matters. All of our employees are required to read and understand the Code and follow its precepts in the workplace and the larger community.

  • Safety-Centric Quality
  • Ethical Awareness
  • Anti-bribery
  • Disclosure
  • Confidentiality

Safety-Centric Quality

All our employees engage in their work with the awareness that they are producing components on which people’s lives may depend on, and they are therefore committed to delivering the highest level of product quality control.

Ethical Awareness

Our executives and employees perform their work duties in compliance with the law, social norms and internal regulations. We are committed to fairness in the workplace and will respect the individuality, culture and the rights of all individuals. We will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment directed at any individual or group.


We will never offer, pay, solicit or accept bribes in any form, neither directly nor indirectly. If and to the extent appropriate under the circumstances, we may give or accept gifts and entertainment that are for business purposes, that are not material or frequent, and that reflect the customs in the industry and local norms.


We maintain accurate and reliable records to meet our legal and financial obligations and to manage our affairs. Our books and records will reflect accurately all business transactions. We cooperate fully with the company’s internal and independent auditors.


We handle data and printed materials obtained from customers with the utmost care. Confidential corporate information learned through business transactions are under no circumstances utilized for or disclosed to third parties.


The Code of Business Conduct is administered by our Compliance Committee. This cross-functional senior management team oversees all our ethics and compliance programs and assess any breach of the Code and determines the appropriate disciplinary actions. We regularly monitor and audit our business to ensure compliance with the Code and the law.


  1. Reviewing the effectiveness of the Code and recommending any changes to the Safety, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Committee for endorsement and approval by the Board.
  2. Putting in place procedures for the effective dissemination of, and compliance with the Code.
  3. Where appropriate, investigate any breaches of the Code.
  4. Report breaches of the Code to the Board.

To ensure implementation of preventive measures develop and enhance awareness of compliance, Tenpower Compliance Committee organizes regular mandatory training sessions for employees, and compliance initiation training package for new employees while onboarding.


Making It Safe to Speak Up

Tenpower strives to create a supportive environment where we feel safe to challenge the norm, to speak up. We have put in place the Speak-Up System, which enables employees to directly report and consult on potential compliance-related issues, so as to identify and resolve such issues by ourselves at an early stage.


If you happen to know of any non-complying act or any suspected violation in Tenpower, you should report to your superior, or report to the compliance hotline.

All inquiry or report will be communicated to the compliance officer of the Tenpower Compliance Committee, and the office members and suitable relevant party for the specific case will conduct a joint investigation and make a proper response.

The hotline is available not only to our employees but also to families and business partners outside the Company.

Report a compliance concern
+86 512 5876 0000
[email protected]



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