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Tenpower 1H2019 revenue 450 million boosted with mass production of 30A products

Tenpower is the first company in China to achieve mass production of cylindrical NCA battery cell. Since 2017, Tenpower’s products has already seen wide application in industries including micro-mobility, power tools, gardening tools etc. Tenpower has secured a high-quality stable supply of NCA materials through strategic partnership with the same suppliers as Samsung SDI, Sony etc.

Tenpower leads the race against industry giants in NCA battery

Taking a global perspective, the top 4 suppliers of lithium batteries are Samsung SDI, LG Chem, Murata, and Tenpower, accounts for 84% of the total market in 2018. Tenpower accounts for 9.76% of the total market. Tenpower leads the top five manufacturers in growth, increasing its market share from 6.52% to 9.76%, clinching 708.9MWh in 2018.

Tenpower: The Road of Glory

Tenpower’s focus has always been in power tool, smart appliances, e-mobility, and internet of things. Tenpower’s overseas revenue has grown substantially, Tenpower’s cooperation with Honda has resulted in its latest e-motorbike model, which will hit the market by May. ‘we are in direct competition with the 1st tier Japanese and Korean manufacturers’ says Wang, Aucksun’s Assistant to General Manager, ‘so we must beat them in cost-effectiveness.