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Tenpower Initiated Responsible Minerals Due Diligence Management

  • Initiated responsible minerals due diligence management policies
  • Set up supply chain due diligence whistleblower system
  • Published 2020 Responsible Minerals Initiative due diligence report

Zhangjiagang, China – January 22, 2021 – Since our very beginning, Tenpower has been founded on a simple mantra, “to make the world greener and better than we found it.” To that end, we have accelerated the adaption of lithium-ion battery technology by making it more affordable for the world and optimizing our manufacturing facilities for environmentally friendly production.

We understand our role and responsibility in the global effort for a greener and better future. We ask and work with our supply-chain partner and stakeholders to consider the environmental and human rights impact of their businesses and require all partners to adhere to the corresponding international standards.

Tenpower actively supports and takes part in RMAP annual audit. Most recently, in 2020, Tenpower has passed an independent third-party RMAP audit.

Tenpower has put into effect and distributed supply chain management policies to eliminate and prevent any monetary interests from flowing into regions where conflict minerals are used to support illegitimate organizations that infringe human right and international consensus.

These policies are reviewed and monitored carefully according to the guideline laid out in the OECD guidebook. Tenpower vows to act immediately on any infringement of these policies. Access Tenpower’s 2020 Responsible Minerals Initiative due diligence report at

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Tenpower is a leading cylindrical lithium-ion battery cell developer and manufacturer specialize in producing high rate lithium-ion battery cells. Tenpower has accumulated tremendous amounts of know-how through 14 years of persistent endeavor in basic material research and electrochemical technologies. Owing to prior experience in the power tool battery industry, Tenpower is a strong proponent of quality-first philosophy, investing heavily in state-of-the-art equipment and rigorous quality control processes to guarantee the consistency and safety of the battery cells. Today Tenpower has expanded to various industries including power tools, micro-mobility, smart appliances and critical applications, incorporated into the supply chain of many leading first-tier international companies, shipping more than 10 billion battery cells to hundreds of companies across more than 40 countries. Further information at

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